Start your business today for as little as
no monthly fees and no inventory to store!
$49.95... there must be a catch right?
If you've been looking for an opportunity to earn extra income, then you've noticed that many opportunities require the purchase of enrollment kits starting at hundreds of dollars. With Lilla Rose, you can sign up with our Party Kit for as little as $49.95. Sure, we have business builder enrollment kits that cost more, but all our enrollment options will make you a Lilla Rose Consultant, with the same online tools, replicated website, and avenues for selling. Some companies try to make money by offering slimmed down enrollment levels, and then charge you for services like replicated websites and back office tools. All Lilla Rose Consultants receive the same tools and access to the same selling outlets - with any enrollment choice!
Why do you have other enrollment options?
Our other enrollment kits are designed to offer you one-time great deals on lots of product so you can get started really fast. Take our Fast Start option, which is only available at time of enrollment. You'll receive $1,100+ in retail value product for $500. That's 55% off! If you took these products to a show the very next weekend, or threw a Lilla Rose Party, you can earn your initial $500 investment back, PLUS make another $600!

Not only that, enrolling with a Fast Start Pack gives you a couple advantages that allow you to earn some money, faster. First, it instantly makes you Bonus Qualified for 30 days. Keep in mind that as a Lilla Rose consultant, you never have to qualify to receive any Commissions you have earned. However to receive Bonuses, you have to become Bonus Qualified each month by selling $200. Enrolling with a Fast Start Qualifies you for 30 days, instantly. Second, you become instantly eligible to Receive Fast Start Bonuses - for as long as you are a Lilla Rose Consultant. Being Fast Start Qualified makes team building more lucrative for you.

Which enrollment option is best for me?
The main distinction is whether or not you plan on doing shows (Festivals, Farmers Markets, etc). If so, then the Show Kit has much needed custom display racks, a large banner and tablecloth that you won't get with the smaller Party Kit.

Beyond that, you need to decide if you want to take advantage of the Fast Start Kit. The nice thing about the Fast Start Kit is that it gives you a very fast way to earn back your investment and put some money in your pocket, plus make you eligible for some very special bonuses in the near future.

Last and certainly not least, your personal Lilla Rose Consultant can help you find out the best option for you, and help you with anything you might have questions about.

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