What what type of consultant can you be?
Casual Consultant
Purchase for yourself and as gifts.
Part Time Consultant
Sometimes called play for pay - this is someone looking to work part-time by selling the flexi clips and accessories to earn extra money for family vacations or other needs.
Full Time Consultant
Anyone looking to sell Lilla Rose items and build a team of sponsored Consultants. Earn bonuses and rewards as you advance.
People all over America have joined Lilla Rose with the goal to improve some aspect in their lives. Whether that be to have a little extra spending cash, or to completely reinvent themselves and their career. What we've noticed is that there is not just one type of person that can take advantage of the Lilla Rose opportunity. Depending on what you want to achieve and the amount of effort you are willing to put forth, you will likely be one of three types of consultants.
On a visit to the doctor's office, I said to the front desk ladies, "You NEED a flexi clip" and they responded with "What's that?" I showed them how it worked in my own hair and they were intrigued. So, I brought them samples to try the next time I came in. 3 out of 6 placed orders right there and the rest ordered the next time!       - Alicia
Where can I sell these awesome products?
Wherever you go! By wearing your flexi clips and accessories you can show them to others in line at Starbucks, the grocery store, at your kids' soccer games, anywhere you go!
Home Shows
What a great way to sell your Lilla Rose items by having fun, food, and friends all in a comfortable setting. Hosts invite you into their home along with family, friends, and neighbors who can shop right off of the table. Just relax, mingle, and enjoy!
Office Shows
Present Lilla Rose products and accessories during breaks, lunch, or even after hours in an office setting. Everyone is already there, so it can be a quick and no-hassle gathering.
Catalog & Online
Create opportunity for others to shop at their convenience. Just hand out a catalog or your Lilla Rose replicated website URL to customers who can then take orders from family, friends, and coworkers.
Festivals and Fairs
Boutiques, street fairs, school fund raisers and more. Set up an attractive booth and sell a proven winner.

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