sell uniquely awesome haircessories
Internet & Online Parties
Create opportunity for others to shop at their convenience on your free Lilla Rose website! Spread the love of our product line, when your shoppers purchase from your Lilla Rose website, Lilla Rose will ship out the order, and you'll get paid a commission.
In-Person Home Parties
What a great way to sell your Lilla Rose items by having fun, food, and friends all in a comfortable setting. Hosts invite you into their home along with family, friends, and neighbors who can shop right off of the table. Just relax, mingle, and enjoy!
Out & About via Catalog
Share a catalog to your family, friends, coworkers, and anyone interested in comfortable, unique Haircessories. Put your website URL and contact information on back so when they do purchase you can get your commission.
Fairs & Street Markets
Boutiques, street fairs, school fund raisers and more. Set up an attractive booth and sell a proven winner. There are tens of thousands of opportunities to share this line of unique products all across America.
our startup options
Ready Set StyleReady Set Style
+ Fast Start
(5) Product Catalogs
(50) Fill-in Business Cards
(25) Order Forms
(25) Lilla Looks
(25) Style Sheets
(25) Host Brochures
(10) Opportunity Brochures
Table Top Banner
Pre-Selected Hair Clips 10 65
Pre-Selected Haircessories 10 25
Personalized Website
Replicated E-Store
Back Office
Fast Start Bonus Qualified
Total Value $300 $1400
Price $125 $625
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